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Disability Transportation in Orlando

At Alkar Transport, we recognize what it is like to be disabled and living in Orlando. It can be gruelling, especially when you do not arrive at your s appointments on time. However, with the handicap transportation services we offer, you will not have to worry about being late or overcharged and will be treated with respect and care. If you are looking for dependable transportation for the disabled, call Alkar Transport on +1 (407) 7258340 for our wheelchair accessible cab services.

We offer transportation for wheelchair-bound patients, the disabled, and the elderly in and around Orlando. So, if you require a little more assistance than other taxis can provide, Alkar Transport has the trained drivers and handicap taxis to help you get where you need to go.

Why select our Disability Transportation in Orlando?

High-Quality, Accessible Transportation
Our handicapped accessible vehicles are professionally equipped with wheelchair lifts, comfortable seats and courteous, highly trained drivers.

Alkar Transport has the privilege of providing high-quality, accessible transportation services to enable those with reduced mobility to effectively travel about their community.

We offer a variety of customized solutions that maximize compliance, quality and affordability for the Disability Transportation in Orlando

Our highest priority is the safety of our riders and staff. The strict implementation of safety principles and procedures is not only in written rules, it is a way of life practiced constantly in our day-to-day operations by every employee. We take great pride in knowing that each employee makes safe operations their personal responsibility.

Our drivers respond to incidents and prepare proper documentation of any incident that occurs.

Alkar Transport understands those who need our service, and we treat our customers as we would treat our own selves.

Transport for Seniors And Those With Disabilities.
We understand the unique needs and concerns of seniors and those with disabilities.

Alkar Transport offers a professional, highly personalized door-through-door service. We pick you up from your location and transport you safely and securely all the way into your destination. You can expect dedication, reliability, and attention to detail when you travel with Alkar Transport. Our goal is to make life easier for you and your loved ones by providing travel with dignity and peace of mind.

We at Alkar Transport are committed to being the best in Disability Transportation in Orlando. Whether you need ambulatory or wheelchair assistance, we arrive at your designated pick-up location in a clean, safe and reliable vehicle to transport you to your destination.

Recreational Transport Service
Would you like to spend a day out with your loved ones, and visit your favorite destinations-but aren’t sure how to get there? Alkar Transport has the solution. Just give us a call

We are dedicated to becoming the leader in non-emergency transportation in Orlando. We offer the chance for you or your loved ones the freedom of movement through friendly and convenient transportation services.

Just think of a destination and a time and call us to schedule a pickup. Our goal at Alkar Transport is to give you the high-quality service you need — which means providing you the same full access to recreational activities as anyone else.

With Alkar Transport recreational transport service which includes, but is not limited to:
• Family Visits
• Holidays
• Museums
• Airport
• Hotel
• Bank
• Post Office
• Library
• Work
• Special Occasions
• Religious Services
• Weddings
• Funerals
• Groceries
• Hairdresser
• Concerts & Movies

For more information about Disability Transportation in Orlando, contact us.

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Senior Transportation Services in Orlando

Transport services for seniors are not always readily available and we, at Alkar Transport want to ensure your life is as stress-free as possible.

We appreciate that traveling is often more enjoyable with a friend or family member which is why our transportation team is readily available to you at all hours of the day, all seasons, and every holiday so you never have to go anywhere alone.

It is aim goal to make sure you have comfort knowing you can go anywhere and do anything at any time, always with your family or friend providing you comforting conversation and assistance. You can maintain your sense of freedom and have the peace of mind knowing you will always have company on your travels.

When is useful have a Senior Transportation Services in Orlando?

Senior Transportation Services to Events
If you have a weekly sports group or regular coffee meet-up with your friends or feel like taking a leisurely drive to check out a new store or visit some beautiful scenery, Alkar Transport provides special rides for seniors, ensuring that a driver is ready to pick you up and drop you off at your desired location at your designated time.

We will assist you with scheduling your transportation reservation and getting to and from your enjoyable events.

Senior Transportation Medical Appointments
If you have a doctor’s visit it is often best to travel with family or friends to accompany you to the appointment and take notes during your appointment or assist you with asking the doctor questions if any issues should arise.

We want to be sure you can freely get where you need to be and that you always have someone by your side for every occasion by arranging to pick up and drop off both you the person providing assistance.

Senior Transportation Airport Transfer Orlando
Our large vehicles are perfect to navigate the cumbersome aspects of airport transfer and travel, so you do not have to worry about the physical challenges and organizational details of getting yourself and your traveling companions off to a flying start.

Quick, Convenient and Easy-to-Schedule Rides for Seniors

Rides are automatically charged to your invoice and tips are not required or requested.

Alkar Transport offers seniors and their families another means of transportation. Our Senior Transportation Services in Orlando is designed to maintain independence:

• Empowering, as it helps seniors maintain their independence and live healthier, happier lifestyles.
• Convenient, as seniors get quick and easy access to transportation any time day or night, and family members get peace of mind knowing their loved one is safe.
• Practical, allowing seniors to travel alone or with their caregivers to help them.
• Reliable, all our rivers must undergo background checks and vehicle inspections.

Our team are a better option for reliable, safe elderly transportation – ensuring that seniors experience the level of freedom and mobility that they desire.

What Makes Us Different
We’ve always thought personal service starts with real people! You can call us and speak to one of our representatives to set up your reservation.

Always more reliable than a taxi, Alkar Tranport is also more comfortable and convenient than a bus service. So if you have to go down the road, across town or out of stat call us for the quality senior transport ant in Orlando that you deserve.

Our senior transportation services have always been a core part of our company’s mission. We started out in 2020 serving the needs of families and we’ve since become a well-known, reliable transportation solution for seniors across the Orlando area. Whether you live in a neighbourhood or in one of the local retirement communities, we can provide both individual and group shuttle services.

Get your quote about Senior Transportation Services in Orlando, calling to +1 (407) 7258340

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Wheelchair Transportation Service Orlando

At Alkar Transport LLC, we understand that wheelchair transportation is not a luxury for those with severe disabilities, as it is often the only way to get to where you want to go.

Each member of the Alkar Transport LLC team takes pride in providing wheelchair transportation services with an understanding, caring approach.

We treat all passengers with respect, keep wait times to a minimum by showing up on time and getting to and from destinations in a timely manner while ensuring the complete safety of our passengers.

At Alkar Transport LLC, we have more than 3 years transportation experience and as well as providing wheelchair assistance. we can take care of the transportation needs for Medical facilities and patients’ families.

Compassionate wheelchair transportation assistance
Our compassionate team have demonstrated an exceptional desire to serve, each having undergone thorough background screening, testing and hands-on training to ensure they can assist our passengers with the utmost care and service. Our wheelchair services include:

• Helping wheelchair passengers onto vehicle lifts and assisting them in getting on and off the vehicle.
• Securely strapping in wheelchairs passengers so they can ride safely.
• Assisting wheelchair passengers in navigating steps once out of the vehicle.
• Pushing and lifting wheelchairs when necessary, ensuring they reach the door.
• Our rigorous training program includes population-specific training in assisting the elderly, passengers with severe health conditions and those with mental and physical disabilities.

All of our transport crew members are trained in safe operation of the wheelchair lifts, transportation safety features, and defensive driving.

Our Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles in Orlando
Our wheelchair accessible vehicles can accommodate a wide range of patient, passenger, and family situations.
We keep our fleet fully insured and regularly inspected to satisfy all federal, state, local and ADA safety standards.
We have had the opportunity to serve thousands of individual passengers nationwide and a wide range of organizational clients, including:

• Schools
• Special school districts
• Clinical care practices and doctor’s offices
• Cancer centers
• Dialysis centers
• Nursing homes
• Hospital admissions and discharges
• Doctors’ appointments
• Adult day care
• To and from rehabilitation facilities
• Airport Service

Safe Wheelchair Transportation in Orlando
At Alkar Transport LLC, Safety is the number one priority. We identify aggressive driving behaviours such as speeding, harsh braking, harsh acceleration and sudden cornering and rank drivers based on their performance on these key behaviours.

We are dedicated to customer satisfaction and provide nothing less than a high-quality service. We believe that our customers should be treated with respect and we always offer a personal touch.

Alkar Transport LLC is used by individuals, businesses, and facilities to transport passengers for people with disabilities who use wheelchairs or are otherwise incapacitated.

Why choose us as Wheelchair Transportation Service Orlando?

Our transportation vehicles:
• Have rear access with ramps.
• Have commercial wheelchair lifts.
• Have 4-point wheelchair restraints.
• Our vehicle is air conditioned and heated.
• Our Vehicles are quiet and comfortable.
• We are affordable and reliable.
• Our Drivers are safe and friendly as well as CPR Certified.
• Our cars are clean and well-maintained.
• Our Drivers are also certified with Passenger Assistance safety and Sensitivity.
• All vehicles are taking the steps to prevent COVID-19 from spreading to our drivers and passengers by having an automatic Hand sanitizer dispenser, plastic shield to protect driver and patients, vehicle windows will be put down a few inches so that air can circulate, our drivers have gloves as well as masks, patients will be given masks if they do not have. We will also be practicing social distancing in the vehicle.

To learn more about Wheelchair Transportation Service Orlando or to receive a quote, call us at +1(407) 725-8340 and speak to one of our transportation solution coordinators. You can also submit a request for a quote online.

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