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Orlando Airport transfer to hotel

Orlando Airport (MCO) transfer to hotel

Millions of visitors arrive at Orlando Airport every year and it is important for you to be clear which transportation option that you are going to use to get you to your destination at a price that you can afford and at a time that is convenient to you.

You could be a business traveler, a group of friends or family travelling with of luggage, or a couple just staying in Orlando for the weekend and this article explains the Orlando Airport (MCO) transfer to your hotel that you have.

Arriving at Orlando Airport

Whichever way you choose to travel to your hotel which MCO airport terminal you are arriving at. Orlando Airport MCO has 3 terminals – A, B and C.

Orlando International Airport has one main terminal and four concourses, each offering a range of restaurants and shops.

Minnie Van Airport Service

Minnie Vans will be available for service to/from Orlando International Airport for Club Level guests only at a one-way cost of $199.

Uber / Lyft

With Uber/Lyft you must balance the cost with the convenience as you may not be comfortable with rideshare and prices can surge dramatically at busy times.

The app will tell you how much the various services will cost to get you to your destination (the basic option is Uber X), along with estimated pickup and drop-off times.

Pickups usually only take a few minutes (except during the night), and you will be taken straight to your hotel.

You will pay extra (and often wait longer) to book an Uber with a car seat and these seats are simple booster-style seats only fit for children above the age of 2 and Uber vehicles only have one car seat.

Shuttle Bus Services

Two shuttle services are available now that Magical Express is not in service —Mears Connect and Sunshine Flyer. These two services can be cheaper than Uber or Lyft but they’re less convenient and once there are three or more travelers the cost will be comparable to Uber or Lyft.

These services are only an option if you are going to stay at Disney hotels or other hotels on the list.

Mears Connect offers two levels of service. Standard is a shared service that makes multiple stops and may have a moderate wait. Express is a shared service that makes one stop (your hotel) and should have basically no wait.

The Express pricing is comparable to a private car service.

Private Car Service

Private car services are more convenient and more expensive than Uber or Lynx, but good for guests who do not want to rideshare or have special needs.

Alkar Transport car drivers will meet you at a designated location with a sign with your name on when your flight arrives.

Our Orlando Airport (MCO) transfer to hotel will ensure that you are not stressed and that you begin to enjoy your visit to the city from day 1

Rental Car

If your trip requires a rental car, then this option makes sense. But if you are just using the car to make the journey between the airport and your hotel, this is not a sensible option.

Taxi Cab

If you choose a taxi car when make sure that it is licensed and that the meter is running.

    Taxis are at Terminal A on the Ground Transportation Curb (Level 1) in spaces A22-A25

    Taxis are at Terminal B on the Ground Transportation Curb (Level 1) in spaces B30-B34

    Taxis are at Terminal C on the Arrivals Curb (Level 6)

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