nurse helping senior man exit a van and get to his wheelchair

We offer Ambulatory services in the Orlando and from hospitals, rehabs, nursing homes and day care centers for when you are still able to walk to the car but in need of some assistance. We can take you to where you need to go.

For non-emergency, Injuries, and Illnesses situations you just need to call us, we will be at your doorstep in a short interval of time. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We try to gratify our clients with the best possible services and utilize the best equipment while also providing our drivers with the most comprehensive training available.

At Alkar Transport, we understand that wheelchair transportation isn’t a luxury — it’s a core need. For those with severe disabilities, it’s often the only way to get around. Each member of our team takes pride in providing wheelchair transportation services with an understanding, caring approach.

We treat passengers with respect, keep wait times to a minimum, show up on time and get to and from destinations in a timely fashion — all while ensuring the complete safety of our passengers.

Our team can also meet a full range of other transportation needs for care providers, school districts, patients, students, individuals and their families.

Compassionate Wheelchair Transportation Assistance

We make it a daily habit to go above and beyond, providing that extra bit of help for wheelchair passengers. Our wheelchair services include:

  • Helping wheelchair passengers onto vehicle lifts and assisting them in getting on and off the vehicle
  • Securely strapping in wheelchairs passengers so they can ride safely
  • Assisting wheelchair passengers in navigating steps once out of the vehicle
  • Pushing and lifting wheelchairs when necessary, ensuring they reach the door
  • Supplying wheelchairs for those who need it
  • Carrying a passenger’s oxygen tank

Compassionate, Professional Drivers

As you can tell, our drivers do much more than simply drive. We’ve built a compassionate team of individuals who have demonstrated an exceptional desire to serve. Each driver has undergone thorough background screening, testing and hands-on training to ensure they can assist our passengers with the utmost care and service.

Our rigorous training program includes population-specific training in assisting the elderly, passengers with severe health conditions and those with mental and physical disabilities. Each driver also completes courses in emergency preparation, First Aid, defensive driving and vehicle care.

Our drivers in Ambulatory transportation for people in wheelchairs Orlando operate with the highest professionalism, arriving in uniforms and marked vehicles.

About our Ambulatory transportation for people in wheelchairs Orlando

Vehicle Fleet

We keep our fleet fully insured and regularly inspected to satisfy all federal, state, local and ADA safety standards. Every vehicle satisfies all state, county and city licensing requirements as well.

Since our founding in 2020, we have had the opportunity to serve thousands of individual passengers and a wide range of organizational clients, including:

  • Clinical care practices and doctor’s offices
  • Cancer centers
  • Dialysis centers
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes

Whether it is a short ride from or to the hospital, or a long-distance drive, we have got you covered. We provide transportation for people who need professional and safe assistance with travel needs that go beyond what their family or friends can do. Our respectful drivers make sure to meet your requirements necessary to make every trip as comfortable as possible.

Our medical transportation services include:

  • Transportation from and to doctors’ appointments. I.e., dialysis patients, and medical research patients
  • Ambulatory and wheelchair travels
  • Assistance for disabled and special needs passengers

Our wheelchair accessible medical transportation is equipped with a rear ramp or hydraulic lift. Our driver will pull out the ramp so you can stay comfortably in your chair during transfer.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Service Costs

The cost of medical transportation depends on the needs of the passengers and the duration of the transfer. When you book your non-emergency medical transportation, please share if you need medical assistance, with how many people you are traveling, from and to where you want to go, and what kind of medical transport you need. With this information, we will arrange a fully accessible vehicle according to your needs.

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