When they cannot drive themselves then getting your elderly relative to the doctor or other appointments can be challenging. They cannot afford to miss a key appointment, but you are not able to drop everything to give them a ride and accompany them each time.

There are several options that we look at in this article.

Find rides and transportation for disabled people in Orlando

Drive Them Yourself
Your relative will probably feel most comfortable traveling with you. But sometimes this is not possible either for reasons of time and distance or size of vehicle etc.

Book a Regular Taxi
Another option is to arrange for a classic cab. But we all know the drawbacks here. Cab drivers will most likely not be able to handle any sort of problems, they are not trained to specifically deal with the elderly and may not be sensitive to individual needs. They are also unlikely to physically help a person to and from the cab and inside to the appointment. Unless you specifically request a larger van, they also may not be able to accommodate a wheelchair.

Use a Medical Car
Medical cars are an ideal option for seniors who have some mobility but need assistance. If a senior walks with a walker or cane for example this can be a great choice. They are also usually very affordable and include vans, SUVs, and sedans. The benefit here is that they will be traveling with a trained medical professional that will keep them company as well as respond appropriately if any situation might arise.

The medical car staff will wait on hand for the appointment to end and help along the way.

Use a Wheelchair Van
Especially for seniors who are confined to a wheelchair, vans that can accommodate wheelchairs are a perfect solution. The driver will assist the person from inside the home, down the steps and out into the vehicle. They will wait at the appointment and can also provide a wheelchair if necessary.

Like with a medical car service, this mode of transportation means having an extra sense of security and peace of mind.

Use an Ambulance
While certainly not the most affordable option, some seniors require an ambulance to get to the appointment. Unless he or she meets certain criteria, such as needing dialysis or being on hospice.

Public Transportation
This is a less expensive option, but you must be able to reach the public transport stop or station and get to your destination. Also, you may have to find transport with wheelchair restraint equipped seats

Use Uber or Lyft
The ridesharing apps are extremely popular. However, you’ll need a smartphone, and the drivers will not be accustomed to meeting the specific needs of the elderly. If your relative has no problem moving around and enjoys meeting new people, this might be the best solution. Uber and Lyft screen their drivers with background and driving record checks, but they really are not geared towards serving seniors with special requirements.

Non-profit Organizations
You may be able to find an organization that provides Volunteer Driver Programs. Reservations will be required, but these services can be a solution for someone who just needs a one-way ride or has recurring transportation needs. They are typically supported by donations or a small membership fee.

Wheelchair Vans are the Best Option
Wheelchair van and medical car services stand out as a superior option from a safety, reliability, and cost standpoint. However, it really depends on the person, the family, and the situation.

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