Why Would You Need Accessible Transportation?

Disabled individuals tend to suffer limitations with respect to their mobility on a day to day basis. Any sort of travel, whether short or long, tends to require great effort on their part.

A lot of disabled individuals tend to avoid traveling on their own on available modes of transportation due to the discomfort that comes with publicly traveling with other individuals. They prefer to wait until a family member, or a friend is available to accompany them on their travel. Whether it is a short trip like going out for grocery or something big like international air travel they prefer being accompanied by someone they are comfortable with.

Who Needs Accessible Transportation?

Mobility constraints are one of the most major obstacles for the disability and elderly as they ignore the personal needs of a person with a disability.

One in four disabled people is not able to use the transportation system due to the system glitches that do not allow them to be a part of something that should be easy for them.

One out of four, which do have access to safe transportation, face other difficulties, such as lack of wheelchair ramps and aisles.

Making transportation accessible is no longer an issue of providing basic rights but is also an issue of inclusivity. The system should be equal to all and must cater to every individual. This is the only way to make services available to those who are most in need of it.

Accessible Transportation for Persons With Disabilities Orlando

Access To Transport Services


A transport medium that is used by such a large segment of the population should be made accessible for all, including the disabled. This would include having a separate seating area for the disabled, a wheelchair ramp, low height steps to assist those walking with a stick, and bars for boarding or getting off the bus.


Manoeuvring, around train tracks and a metro station can even be confusing for a non-disabled person. Therefore, greater aid and assistance are required to make this means of transport accessible by the disabled. This requires the presence of ramps or lifts for wheelchairs, separate lines at the ticket counter for the disabled, separate seating areas within every train for them to avoid a lot of waiting time, and a ram for boarding the train as well. In addition to these bright guidance signs, ease of reading the train map and physical presence of warning signs is also compulsory.

Car Service

These can either be a door to door service or be accessed via their stand at different points throughout the city. In either case, these are one of the most neglected areas of transport when it comes to accessibility.

It is rarely seen that a car or a cab has a ramp for a wheelchair, or a taxi stand has an adequate waiting area to cater to the disabled.

Therefore, it is necessary to have a portable ramp arrangement in cabs and cars, have a decent seating area for the traveller, and have a ramp for the wheelchair to come down from the pavement till the cab or car.

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