Though physical access barriers are important in relation to street and public transport infrastructure, they are merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the multitude of challenges disabled people face in getting around.

The principle is that all people should have the same opportunity to move around and access public spaces and not have a degree of anxiety involved in using public transport and spaces as a disabled person. There are high-levels of stress around feeling uncertain about being able to complete a journey, there was additional serious anxiety related to the risk of accident or injury.

Setting aside the present restrictions brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, negotiating Orlando has, for too long and for too many disabled people, felt like a perilous mission due to the sheer number of variables governing what could go wrong. These include sidewalks around the home not being wheelchair accessible which means that the disabled person must go onto busy roads.

Here some questions to understand why Transportation Is About Much More Than Lifts and Ramps

Do People Really Understand Disabled Peoples Needs?

An interesting observation is around public attitudes to disabled people out and about in Orlando.

This appreciation was expressed by the fact that members of the public are often more than willing to help. However disabled people are reliant on other people because they are disempowered by how everything is structured.

Some instances of inconsiderate behaviour by members of the public are also commonplace, such as parking cars on the pavement, occupying the wheelchair space of buses with strollers and buggies, despite it being needed by a disabled passenger and leaving dustbins strewn across the pavement on garbage collection day.

An element of “out of sight, out of mind” appears to be at play, whereby members of the public often help when they see a disabled person struggling and yet, many do not take the needs of disabled pedestrians into account when they are just going about their daily business.

A Good Infrastructure Is Better for Everyone

From another angle, if you get it right for disabled people, you get it right for the parents with buggies, you get it right for people with luggage, you get it right for anyone with a broken leg or an injury, or anyone who’s older or may be feeling more confused.

Additionally, while the complex nature of transport systems may mean full and equal access will be difficult to achieve in the short-term, the time has surely come to look at more sophisticated ways of tackling anxiety by making transport more predictable and responsive to the needs of disabled passengers.

The day that disabled people are as free as others to daydream while they’re walking/wheeling, rather than trying not to fall over – we’ll have taken a huge step towards accessible streets.

Convenient and Accessible Transportation options Orlando

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