We are highly qualified to offer transportation services that are truly inclusive for everyone. This includes same-day, on-demand transportation for people with disabilities and special needs.

All our flat fees include ride-along caregivers and aids at no additional cost. Whether its ease of boarding for a customer in a wheelchair, assisting a visually impaired customer, or making sure that a customer with special needs feels comfortable, safe and welcome while getting transportation to their destination.

  • Properly Insured
  • Background Checked
  • Professional Drivers

Our mission is to use mobility to enhance the lives of our customers, driver partners and employees.

Reasons of Why choose us like wheelchair accessible transportation Orlando?

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

We believe that all members of the community should have the freedom of mobility. We pride ourselves on providing service to every member of the community regardless of your technological ability or mobility.

We have wheelchair accessible vehicles and drivers that are trained on how to load and service those in the community with disabilities.

Our Services:

  • Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles
  • Local and airport transportation
  • Out of town services available
  • Non-emergency medical transportation
  • Advanced and recurring bookings
  • 24 Hour Service

Alkar Transport have a passion for helping people with mobility issues, we help wheelchair users in the community get to medical appointments, shopping trips, social activities, and work.

Until recently, wheelchair accessible taxis were far and few between. Now, more organizations are searching for ways to provide transportation for wheelchair users and actively looking for drivers with accessible vehicles.

We provide a constant need of transportation, especially in the case of an emergency. We provide wheelchair accessible transport to:

  • Physician’s offices
  • Long-term care facilities
  • Senior citizens’ centers
  • Community centers
  • Medical supply businesses
  • Hospitals

Provide Comfort to Our Passengers

You know what it’s like to ride in an uncomfortable taxi. It can make the ride feel ten times longer than it is. No one wants to feel uneasy and uncomfortable while on their way to their destination.

Then, think about being in a wheelchair. It can be even more uncomfortable trying to use a service that isn’t wheelchair accessible. Where will the chair go? Will someone provide help in breaking down and setting up the wheelchair? Does the driver know how to make seating comfortable for someone with a physical disability?

A taxi service that is wheelchair accessible ensures comfort for passengers. You’ll have use of a vehicle that allows the wheelchair user to ride securely from their wheelchair. This takes out the discomfort and the potential for injury from transferring. It also provides a sense of independence to the ride hailer.

Convenience of Wheelchair Transportation

A wheelchair accessible vehicle offers convenience to passengers.

Why choose us like wheelchair accessible transportation Orlando? – When you choose a wheelchair accessible transport service there are three things to keep in mind:

  • Safety and Reliability: Your wheelchair transportation provider should offer quality, reliable vehicles. Your safety will be in their hands. You do not want to be questioning trust in the provided vehicles.
  • Accessibility: The last thing you want is wondering how to get in and out of the vehicle. Our vehicles are fitted with different ramp styles and accessible entries.

Provide Transportation For More Than Wheelchair Users

Wheelchairs aren’t the only way people with disabilities get around. Sometimes, people need the aid of electric scooters or other hand-held equipment.

A wheelchair safe vehicle can offer comfortable transportation to more than just wheelchair users.

If you need more info about our  wheelchair accessible transportation Orlando, contact us