Seniors need affordable transportation options as they are essential for maintaining independence and health.

Without a reliable way to get to doctor’s appointments or buy food and household supplies, seniors cannot realistically remain in their homes as they age.

Social isolation is another big problem for seniors who do not drive. It causes poorer quality of life and contributes to earlier death.

Having access to affordable transportation keeps older adults connected with family, friends, and their community.

Big Responsibility for Family Caregivers

About 600,000 older adults stop driving each year, according to the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging (n4a).

Transportation can become one of the biggest responsibilities for family caregivers. About 40 percent of caregivers spend at least five hours a week providing or arranging transport, according to a 2018 survey from the National Aging and Disability Transportation Center (NADTC).

Providing transportation is not always easy or convenient as some family caregivers just cannot leave their job every time somebody needs a ride to the doctor, much less even to the grocery store.

There a variety of options are available that can lessen the burden on caregivers and help older and disabled people keep appointments and stay socially connected.

Helping Senior People Get Around in Orlando

Here we list some of the options for helping older and disabled people get around in Orlando.

Public transit in Orlando

These consist primarily of bus and services, operated, and financed by federal, state and local governments, with fixed routes and set schedules, these systems usually offer discounted fares for older adults and people with disabilities.

Buses will have accessibility features, but public transit might not be a suitable alternative for people who will have difficulty navigating stairs, waiting outside, or walking to and from stops.

Paratransit in Orlando

Public transit agencies are required by law to provide “complementary paratransit service” for people who are unable to use regular lines. Paratransit operates during the same hours as normal service and covers comparable routes.

Riders must meet eligibility criteria set out in the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). Vehicles typically are vans outfitted for accessibility.

Trips should be scheduled at least a day in advance and generally are shared with other passengers who have booked similar times. Paratransit providers typically have a 30-minute pickup window, from 15 minutes before to 15 minutes after the scheduled time, so riders need to be ready and waiting at least 15 minutes early.


Ride-hailing companies such as Lyft and Uber connect passengers with drivers who provide point-to-point transportation in their own vehicles in Orlando. Booking and payment are done via websites or mobile apps.

Lyft and Uber riders can request wheelchair assistance as part of their booking.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

NEMT is a Medicaid benefit that covers travel to medical appointments. Private insurance, including some Medicare Advantage plans, also may cover non-emergency medical transit.

Senior Transportation Provider

You can search online for senior transportation providers such as which has 108 providers in Orlando. You can compare results based on hourly rate, availability, experience and distance from Orlando, FL. After you have selected your candidates, you can schedule interviews, check references, request background checks and hire the provider that suits your needs the best.

The primary duty for any senior transportation provider is getting your loved one to the appointments they have. But many providers can also take them to places around Orlando like the grocery store, hair salon or the bank.

Alkar Transport as Senior Transportation Options Orlando

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