Alkar Transport provide Rides and transportation for disabled people in Orlando for any purpose including medical, meals, shopping, recreation, and volunteering or work. We’ll pick you up at your chosen destination, take you where you need to go, and pick you up when you’re done.

Our ride services are provided from your door to the door of your destination.

Alkar Transport was established in 2019. Since its inception, they have formed a reputation, among its clients, for being the most reliable and compassionate wheelchair and special needs transportation company Orlando.

Our sense of purpose is driven by our commitment to provide dependable, safe and compassionate non-emergency wheelchair and ambulatory transportation for the disabled in Orlando. We are passionate about what we do and treat our clients like family.

Disabled transportation in Orlando

For disabled people in Orlando, Alkar Transport is the ideal transportation company that provides the freedom to safely enjoy reliable, comfortable, and courteous service at an affordable cost.

Disabled people often find many transportation providers are not able to accommodate people that need to remain in their wheelchair while in transit. Our transportation company offers accessible vehicles specifically for your needs.

We provide door-to-door non-emergency medical transport for people with mobility issues who may need a ride to many different types of destinations.

Reasons to choose Alkar Transport for Rides and transportation for disabled people in Orlando:

  • At Alkar Transport, you have the option to place reservations online, by email, or phone. At any time of the day or night, 24/7/365 days a year. Customers can request same-day rides, make advance reservations or arrange for recurring services.
  • Our rides are handled by career professionals dedicated to helping people with special needs.
  • Our company’s fleet of vans are all handicap accessible with ramps or lifts for easy use of wheelchair and ambulatory (able to walk) individuals.
  • Alkar Transport uses upfront pricing to let passengers know the cost of their trip before they request a ride which gives them peace of mind

A transportation provider with compassion

Our special needs transportation company was founded on the idea of compassion — placing a high priority on kindness and top-notch customer service.

Whether you need accessible rides for yourself or a loved one, or you are an organization seeking transport services for a client, patient or resident, our professional and respectful staff and drivers take all the stress away. Alkar Transport treats passengers with courtesy and dignity.

Worry-Free discharge transportation

If you getting ready to leave the hospital or care facility?  With our wheelchair accessible transportation, it’s easy for you to get in and out of the vehicle and stay seated in your chair. Your loved one or caregiver is welcome to ride along.

Discharges can often be hard to time in advance because the doctor needs a final check-in, nurse assistance, paperwork coordination, getting dressed, gathering your belongings, and picking up your medication.

You can coordinate Rides and transportation for disabled people in Orlando in advance for a to-be-determined time or contact us if it’s a last-minute request.  If you’re new to using a wheelchair, we will explain the safety and securement procedures so you’re more comfortable during transit.

Experienced special needs transportation drivers

Alkar Transport drivers are trained and experienced in wheelchair accessible transportation. They empathize with the passengers and their special needs, treating them with the utmost courtesy, kindness and respect. We carefully vet all drivers for relevant experience, background checks, drug testing, a stellar safety record and professional customer service skills.

Contact us for more info about our Rides and transportation for disabled people in Orlando