Fragile members of our communities can’t always rely on their family and friends for transportation to appointment. Normal public transit can be insufficiently equipped and dangerous for people who have specialized needs.

For people with disabilities who use wheelchairs or are otherwise incapacitated, transportation to and from appointments or other occasional travel needs can be problematic without a wheelchair van to transport them in Orlando.

When they need to get to and from a doctor’s appointment or the hospital for routine a non-emergency medical appointment in Orlando Alkar Transport will be there to assist with a wheelchair/gurney van.

These specialized needs aren’t limited to those with permanent disabilities. People who have undergone surgery, have acute injuries, and/or take medication that causes impairment are just as vulnerable, which puts driving themselves out of the question.

You can imagine how a person in a cast on his/her legs and arms might feel having to take a small Uber ride or boarding a crowded bus. For all these at-risk populations, non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) provides crucial support to those who cannot safely travel through standard transit.

Non-Emergency Wheelchair Transportation Van Orlando

Whether you, your loved one or your patient is in a wheelchair, bed bound or simply needs a hand getting around Orlando, Alkar Transport can help.

Our highly trained team for Disability Transportation in Orlando is deeply experienced in non-emergency medical van transportation for a wide range of passenger situations and offers the most compassionate service. We treat every passenger with care and provide a timely experience — taking pride in our service, minimizing wait times and ensuring passengers get to and from appointments on time. With extensive training and properly equipped, safe medical vans our team ensures the total safety of all passengers and family members.

We serve as the contract non-emergency medical transporter (NEMT) for many organizations, including:
• School districts and educators
• Medical practices and clinics
• Cancer centers
• Dialysis facilities
• Hospitals
• And other care providers
• Independent and Assisted Living
• Hotel & Resort Shuttles
• Local and State Government Agencies
• Physical and Occupational Therapists
• In-home Care Companies
• And other care providers

Our Wheelchair Transportation Van Orlando is available 24-7 to offer rides for individuals and their families.

Professional, compassionate transportation
At Alkar Transport, our team go far above and beyond the typical driver. We don’t just offer a ride; we provide hands-on assistance. Every employee passes extensive screening and a thorough, tailored training program that includes education in assisting the elderly and helping passengers with severe mental and physical disabilities or conditions.

We train our team extensively so they can provide compassionate, safe transportation for those who need it most, including bed-bound passengers who need stretcher transportation services.

We also offer hands-on wheelchair transportation services with lift-equipped medical vans. Our team help wheelchair passengers on and off of vehicles, securely strapping them in and even pushing and lifting the wheelchair over steps if necessary. For those who can walk, but need a hand, our team offers an arm to lean on and help passengers not only get on and off the vehicle but also all the way to the door.

Our team are highly professional and will arrive in uniforms, driving marked vehicles.

We Provide Comfort to Passengers
You know what it’s like to ride in an uncomfortable taxi. It can make the ride feel ten times longer than it is. No one wants to feel uneasy and uncomfortable while on their way to their destination.

Then, think about being in a wheelchair. It can be even more uncomfortable trying to use a service that isn’t wheelchair accessible. Where will the chair go? Will someone provide help in breaking down and setting up the wheelchair? Does the driver know how to make seating comfortable for someone with a physical disability?
You will have use of a vehicle that allows the wheelchair user to ride securely from their wheelchair. This takes out the discomfort and the potential for injury from transferring. It also provides a sense of independence to the ride hailer.

The Convenience of Wheelchair Transportation
A wheelchair accessible vehicle offers convenience to passengers that caters to their needs. There are three things to keep in mind when choosing wheelchair transportation:

• Safety and Reliability: Your wheelchair transportation should offer quality, reliable vehicles as clients’ safety will be in your hands.
• Customisation: We have vehicles with different ramp styles and accessible entries.
• Accessibility: We have vans lifts or ramps to improve accessibility

Everyone should have the freedom to get around. At Alkar Transport, we are committed to making transportation accessible to all riders. Whether you need a ride immediately or want to schedule in advance, we make it easy to book your wheelchair accessible ride through our website, or via phone or text at +1 (407) 7258340

We provide specialized driver training for passengers needing additional assistance. We service the entire Orlando and make wheelchair van service affordable with our normal taxi rates and no price surging. For most wheelchair rides, our passengers should expect their van’s arrival within a 30-minute window, so please plan accordingly.

Alkar Transport is a Non-Emergency Transport Service with specially equipped vehicles. We can transport patients by wheelchair or stretcher. Services are available anytime day or night and we will accommodate your individual needs.

Wheelchair Van & Medical Car Services Available throughout Orlando

How it works

For the safety and comfort of our wheelchair bound patients, all of our wheelchair vans have hydraulic lifts, raised roofs, and a five-point restraint system. All drivers are Mobility Assistance Vehicle Operators (MAVOs) certified in CPR and oxygen administration.

In addition, our entire staff undergoes a criminal background check and drug screenings.

Our medical cars transport physically and mentally challenged patients who are ambulatory but require assistance and/or supervision to and from their appointments. They are perfect for transportation to same-day surgeries and other outpatient procedures.

Our staff will do all the work for you and return you safely home when finished. All services are available 24 hours a day. Transport to and from all medical destinations and we can also accommodate special requests on a case by case basis.

Wheelchair Accessible Transportation

All drivers on our staff are properly trained when it comes to using the equipment in our handicapped access van taxis.

Alkar Transport strives to make your transportation as simple as possible. When you are looking for a wheelchair-friendly taxi, call us! Our wheelchair vans allow for easy access through the back folding gate, providing you with a stable ride, as the wheelchair is secured to the floor of the van.

Get in touch with our experienced team now.

If you are in the process of planning a trip, feel free to give us a call or use our online reservation form. Our experience with handicap taxi and wheelchair service is second-to-none, and you will benefit from it.

We’ll help plan your trip

We believe that all members of the community should have the freedom of mobility. We pride ourselves on providing service to every member of the community regardless of your technological ability or mobility.

We have wheelchair accessible vehicles and drivers that are trained on how to load and service those in the community with disabilities.

Our Services:

  • Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles
  • Out of town services available
  • Non-emergent medical transportation
  • Advanced and recurring bookings
  • 24 Hour Service

If you need more info about our Wheelchair Transportation Van Orlando, contact us.