Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Orlando

Our Non-Emergency Transportation service provides a valuable resource to those with mobility challenges. Alkar Transport will get you, your loved one to your needed doctor’s appointments, therapies, rehabilitation appointments, dialysis, and chemotherapy on time.

At Alkar Transport, you will experience a safe and professional service with trained and reliable drivers. We ensure that all our drivers are screened with the proper licenses and certifications.

We are dedicated to customer satisfaction and provide nothing less than a high-quality service. We believe that our customers should be treated with respect and we always offer personal service.

Alkar Transport provides both a wheelchair accessible and a sedan service.

Many of our clients grew frustrated with finding clear routes to their local bus stops. They found that the sidewalks were cracked, deformed, or non-existent and weather conditions do not always favor them getting to the stops.

Also, the cost of your own wheelchair vehicle can be expensive, especially when considering the care and maintenance of the vehicle itself. Understandably, they conclude that one of the best ways for them to stay connected with the world around them is to hire reliable and affordable wheelchair transport services.

Affordable Wheelchair Transportation Orlando Pricing

We aim to offer a fair price for all our services. Our rates will be higher from that of a taxi or bus service as we offer highly trained and skilled drivers who are paid an hourly rate for their time. We have standard pricing for all services that are charged on a per trip basis. We can negotiate prices for groups and organizations and those with recurring trips.

Please note that if a nurse/caregiver rides with a client, he/she will not be charged.

Ambulatory Service in Orlando

We offer Ambulatory services in Orlando to and from hospitals, rehabs, nursing homes and day care centers. For non-emergency, small injury, and Illness situations you just need to call us, we will arrive at the pre-arranged time.

Our vehicles have built in GPS systems so we can easily trace your position and will be available in a short interval of time. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We try to gratify our clients with the best possible services and utilize the best equipment while also providing our drivers with the most comprehensive training available.

Wheelchair Service in Orlando

Alkar Transport provides a wheelchair transportation service in Orlando to assist mobility impaired and wheelchair-bound clients for their many needs, which include:

  • Hospital discharges
  • Doctors appointments
  • Medical treatments like radiology and dialysis
  • Out-patient post-surgery transportation
  • Adult day care
  • To and from rehabilitation facilities
  • To and from healthcare facilities
  • Stair assist transport.
  • Group outings
  • Paediatric and special needs
  • Airport Service
  • Family gatherings
  • Weddings and funerals

Wheelchair Transport Service Orlando

Our affordable wheelchair transportation is available to all people and our specialized transportation includes senior citizens, people using wheelchairs and parents and children with special needs. Our services are used by private citizens, hospitals, doctors, nursing or group homes, and assisted living facilities. Our goal is to provide you with our services as quickly as possible and keep our prices fair.

At Alkar Transport you will experience a safe and professional service with trained and reliable drivers. We ensure that all our drivers are screened with the proper licenses and specially equipped vehicles.

WE only utilize ADA compliant vehicles. We have large vans with ramps that have room for a wheelchair with additional attendant seating up to 3 passengers.

One of our transport team will be happy to assist you in scheduling your next transport and answer any questions you may have.

Alkar Transport provides:

  • Door to Door service
  • 24 hour availability
  • Courteous and punctual drivers

Our vehicles are customized to accommodate all our clients’ medical needs. They are fitted with all the accessories necessary to make them easily accessible and optimally comfortable.

Our vehicles are also packed with state-of-the-art features, such as air conditioning, functional heating, radial tires, plush seats, and more. We leave nothing to chance to ensure our clients’ optimal comfort and safety on the road.

For more information about Affordable Wheelchair Transportation Orlando, contact us