Often it puts a strain on the family get someone’s handicapped family member to an appointment, without missing half a day of work, or putting a strain on the caregiver, and the rest of the family. Alkar Transport can alleviate this situation by accommodating a wide range of patient, passenger, and family situations.

All our drivers in the Handicap Transportation Orlando are trained in safe operation of the wheelchair lifts, transportation safety features, and defensive driving, as well as patient sensitivity, elder sensitivity, HIPAA rules, and situation & response guidelines. As well as completing drug, alcohol and smoke-free testing which results in a team of caring, professional, pleasant transport providers.

Your Handicap Transportation Destination in Orlando
Whether your loved one needs to attend a doctor’s appointment or a social event then we are there for you.
This could entail travelling close by or across the state, we will strive for it to be the best handicap transportation in Orlando that you have had. We even keep a wide selection of music on board for your entertainment during the journey.

Alkar Transport is a non-emergency medical transportation provider that utilizes several forms of service to assist our handicapped clients to pick you up and drive you anywhere you need to go including:
• Hospital discharges
• Doctor’s appointments
• Medical treatments
• Out-patient post-surgery transportation
• Adult day care
• To and from rehabilitation and healthcare facilities
• Door to door service
• Pediatric and special needs
• Airport transfers

Benefits of our Handicap Transportation Orlando

Ambulatory Services in Orlando
During non-emergency, Injuries, and Illnesses situations you just need to call Alkar Transport, we will be at your doorstep the very next moment.

Our vehicles have built in GPS systems. We can easily trace your position and will be available in a short interval of time. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We try to gratify our clients with the best possible services and utilize the best equipment while also providing our drivers with the most comprehensive training available.

Our fleet of vehicles also contains heating and air conditioning, emergency escape doors, as well as hydraulic lifts and high tops. Every vehicle is inspected twice a year, and our drivers are fully licensed and maintain a clean driving record.

Affordable With No Hidden Fees
We have a fleet of vehicles that can accommodate any wheelchair size to serve clients who need special transport services.

Our rides are easy to setup, contain no hidden fees, and straightforward paperwork to get things started. Our passengers always come first, and we offer a low-price guarantee on all our services.

Alkar Transport makes finding and securing a ride as easy by filling out a simple contact form, passengers can request a date and explain where they want to go, and a customer service representative will then call and confirm the ride. Our drivers are never late, and always ahead of schedule.

Alternately call+1 (407) 7258340and we will take your booking right away.

We believe securing dependable transportation should be smooth and effortless. We want your experience with Alkar Transport to be pleasurable from the time you call for an appointment through your safe arrival at your destination. We will work diligently to assure we accommodate your specific needs by providing safe, comfortable, reliable transportation.

Our Professional Drivers
Our team in Handicap Transportation Orlando  have been employed with us for a long time and are friendly, experienced and qualified to safely transport individuals despite their specific needs.

The reputation has built over the years in safety, dependability, and availability, along with our ever-accommodating attitude creates a high demand for our transportation services over other specialized transportation providers.
Every vehicle in Alkar Transport-s fleet is either new or late model. Alkar regularly updates their fleet with new vehicles equipped with state-of- the-art comfort, safety and security features.

For more information about our Handicap Transportation Orlando, contact us.