Non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) is an important benefit for people who need assistance getting to and from medical appointments.

What is Non-Emergency Medical Transportation? (NEMT)

If you do not have solid transportation, even the best medical facility in the world won’t be able to help you.
An analysis by the Transportation Research Board determined that there are up to four million Americans each year who must either put off or cancel medical services because of inadequate transportation.

Alkar Transports has over two decades of experience in the transport industry, and we are fully confident we can fulfil even the most challenging assignments.

Our service to transportation-disadvantaged individuals such as the elderly and the disabled has a tremendous number of advantages, including the following:

• Prevent normal barriers to transportation.
• Keep cancelled medical appointments to a minimum.
• Reduce the consequences of chronic diseases.

Robust Risk Management Program
We have robust risk management program in place to help mitigate on-the-job injuries and accidents. Our drivers go through advanced training in driving, and we have a program that includes:
• Clear communication outlining the purpose and importance of safe transportation policies and procedures.
• Documentation of the action that management will take to ensure policies and procedures are understood and followed.
• A requirement that all employees, including managers, are expected to observe safety practices.
• A culture that recognizes management commitment as the measure of organizational commitment to safety practices

Additionally, we measure driver performance and motor vehicle records (MVRs) and have in place a comprehensive set of vehicle inspection and repair procedures.

NEMT Orlando

NEMT Services Orlando
At Alkar Transport, we offer a range of non-emergency transportation services. Whether you, your loved ones, your patients or your students need a ride, we’ve got you covered.

Our team of trained drivers treat every passenger with respect and has extensive qualifications to transport and serve unique populations. Indeed, many of our drivers have thousands of trips worth of experience, and we equip them with a full fleet of safe vehicles to meet any non-emergency transportation need.

We keep wait times minimal, arrive on time and get to and from destinations in a timely fashion while ensuring the total safety of every passenger. Our services include:

• We provide specialty transportation for school districts with Orlando, serving students with special needs and disabilities. Whether your students need rides at odd times or from distant and non-traditional locations, we can ease your transportation problems.
• Transportation to and from medical appointments at the doctors, hospital, or clinic.
• We provide dialysis transportation services to help patients get to and from appointments. Whether a passenger has End Stage Renal Disease or is on a short-term dialysis treatment, we make dialysis transportation as comfortable as possible.
• We provide wheelchair-lift-equipped vehicles and a team of specialty-trained drivers who are deeply experienced with wheelchair transportation.
• Door-to-door service. Whether you need a ride to the local grocery store or your loved one needs assistance getting to or from an appointment, we are here for you.
• Specialty assistance for passengers who have special needs and disabilities.

Contract Transportation for Care Providers in Orlando
From large hospitals to private clinics, we are experienced in meeting many healthcare protocols and requirements. We ensure medical passengers arrive on time and get home safely. Our full vehicle fleet is available 24-7 to assist with late discharges and early appointments.

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